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Student Absence Reporting

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Information for Students:

The online Student Absence Alerting System has been developed for Nottingham College students, so that you can self-notify us if you are going to be absent from College.

To use the system, please log in using your College ID number (this is printed on your College ID Card. e.g. 100001.)
Please then enter your Nottingham College password and click ‘login’.
On the next screen, please give us your reason for absence and hit ‘submit’.

If you have forgotten your Nottingham College password - please email to report your absence.

When you are back in College again, please speak to the staff at any one of our College Libraries and they can help you to reset your College password, so that you can use the online system, going forwards.

Please note: If you are ill/absent for multiple days, you will need to complete an absence alert for each day that you are absent.

Information for Parents/Guardians of Nottingham College Students:

Wherever possible, please ask your son/daughter/ward to log in and report the absence themselves (via the above process).

Alternatively, if you wish to report an absence on their behalf, please email